Black Interference

Never have I ever thought I'll find myself at the point where I'll be forcing the chill weather, but this rad bomber just had to be worn. Not to mention the backpack and the sunnies, but I'll get a lot more chances to overwear these two cuties.

I go crazy over items that can make you feel badass. I find these somewhere between girly, frilly, pink, flowerly stuff and basic, comfort zone-ish looks. A mesh top, a tiger on my back, a pair of patent boots...I still felt cool in these even though outside were like 25 Celsius degrees. One of my friends told me a while ago that he could surely identify which items I'd buy from a store because I have a pretty obvious style. I was like ' NOO, YOU CAN'T ', so he went ahead and left me speechless when he pointed out exactly what I would have and wouldn't have worn. I could only find that funny af since every time my dad feels overly loving and decides to buy me something to wear the gift ends up returned or given away...Mind sharing with him a few tips?

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