Bear With Me In London

Even though I spent three days in the overrated London city, I limited my thoughts on this last post of the UK series. I'm beginning to think I should've started with this, but there's no time to go back now.

London vibes are incredible, can't lie on this, you get a dizzy-vibrant-ecstatic feeling, but you have to be careful what you team it up with, because if you stumble upon empathy or spleen it won't be a very pleasing staying. Yet some of the best parts about the place include incredible views from anywhere you stand, inspiration at every step you take, AH-MA-ZING architecture, artsy walls, nice people and a wide range of food. No matter what you look for, you can sure as hell find it in London. Actually, you don't even have to look for it to find it. Just bear with me on this: me and my brother were looking for an affordable place to eat in the heart of the city but instead of going to a fast-food we went to a random underground restaurant which turned out to be a vampire-inspired place. Now I need to mention that an odd, dark, hipster restaurant wouldn't be my normal choice, but the point is that it felt welcoming to be in a place which promotes a (twisted, misunderstood) legend from your motherland. Not to mention that the manager was Romanian, I wonder where the Dracula theme idea came from!

I think we all know how crappy the London weather is, but let me just say my version: it's crappier! In my first day there was some really heavy rain so my mood matched it perfectly after a long walk with the luggage in my hand and a broken umbrella. There wasn't much to do except spending the day at the mall and that's exactly how it went down. My second day meant seeing the posh side of the city which was pretty impressing, but I found more appealing things people don't usually look at, such as doors, walls, random streets or buildings . Due to that revelation, in the last day a friend took us to a wilder side of the city, less polished and more alive. I admit there were more things to gaze at there.

It already passed some time since I had come back home from the UK trip so my mind is pretty made up at this point. London is a nice idea for a weekend break, but I couldn't live my life there, it's too crowded and it looks nicer on the outside. Afterall, a part of me is actually glad it turned out to be this way because now I feel even more excited about Birmingham being my university city choice.