Bear With Me in Brussels

Now I'm gonna try and put this in the most unlikely way of sounding boastful, but I probably ate the best waffles in the world. Chocolate is needless to mention...And I proudly feel no remorse for a single bite. The only regret that I might be feeling is about my chocolate goodies, forgotten in the fridge of the apartment where we stayed.

The only thing that I knew about the City of Brussels when I decided to go on a trip there was that the European Parliament holds a place of work there and that Belgium has some of the best chocolate out there — pretty foreseeable. I wanted to visit Rome ahead of it, but one of my friends had already been there so Brussels was the next option due to the similar plane ticket price. After three (rainy) days there, I can only say that I was blown-away by how beautiful that place can be and happy that I postponed Italy for a while. For an unknowing person like me, the architecture was strikingly similar (in particular places) to what I saw in the UK and in Austria, and completely different to anything else. But the streets, the people, the waffles, the cafés, the boutiques...Even McDonald's looked posh af in those gorgeous buildings. I really hope I'll go back there one day and maybe see the city during the warm season. Or just be there on a sunny day, because the weather that I got was really trouble for my plans and my hair.

I'll let the pictures speak more for myself. Bottom line, I'd say you won't regret visiting this city. If you won't love it, you'll at least enjoy the waffles and the frites. ❤