Bear With Me In Birmingham #2

Spring really looks the same everywhere. Except that in the UK it involves some wind and lower temperatures than in Romania. Apart from this, the trees still bloom, the sun is warm and people look happier. I've had my luck with the weather during the time I spent there, meaning that it was 80% sunny. London wasn't so kind on me but I'll save this talk for the next time.

I had some meetings at my pretty-lovely-fancy Uni in the morning (the first building down below is where most of my classes will take place). Did I forget to mention that BCU is 2 minutes away from the biggest mall in town? I could literally see it from the window and I can't decide if it's a good or a bad thing...Unfortunately, I couldn't take pics inside my uni, not because it isn't allowed, I honestly don't know if it is forbidden or not, but because I didn't have time and now I feel remorseful. My building has a PUB inside of it. I am not talking about the cafeterias, but an actual pub, which my course tutor showed me. He said that in order to build the new institutions they had to convince the bar's owner to move their business. The owners declined any of their offers so instead they have reached an agreement and now BCU students have their own pub. Pretty cool, huh?

That 20% remaining from the earlier statistics was for shitty weather, but I coped with the idea that it wouldn't have been a complete UK trip if we hadn't been greeted by some heavy rain. For a full package our umbrella had to get broken, of course, so excuse my dizzy hair in the final photos. Oh, and it was very impressive that although there is rain and then there is sun and then wind and then rain again, somehow pavements and buildings are almost always dry...Probably the breeze is to blame but, still, nice work, England!

* The photos are put exactly in the order they were taken. 🐻

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