Bear With Me In Birmingham #1

I should've started this series of posts sooner because now my feelings towards my trips are a bit faded...The only thing which preserves the excitement is browsing through the photos, my return tickets to those particular moments. By the way, since we're on this page, I have to thank my brother for bravely bearing 5 full days as my personal photographer during the UK visit. Trust me bro, one day you'll use these skills so it's okay, you can be thankful then.

I went to Birmingham to check the university I'd applied to. My plan included Coventry town too, but I sort of visited it by bus and the only words that crossed my mind then were 'grey', 'small', 'weird', so it was indirectly rejected (after my uni tour it got completely dismissed anyway). It was an active vacay, quite tiring, but overall I fell in love with certain places, things, feelings and I developed a connection with this city. I hope the desire will last enough for the next 4 years since I've made BCU my firm choice...

My first day in Birmingham meant art, gazing, museums, random buildings and city's history. I tried to include small pieces of everything amongst my outfit pics. The city has its own special vibe, it is a successful combination between modern and classic, glass and rock, shiny and gloomy. I think it's a place for every single one and even the pickiest could fit there. What pleasantly surprised me was the amount of Romanians living there. I even met a few, I heard some others — it's good for the heart to know your fellows are with you.

Don't forget to play the song! :P

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