Bad Focus

The last month brought me a lot of hesitation when it came to blogging, not because I was out of ideas or pictures, but because complaining about my lack of focus was nearly the only thing that went through my mind when writing. I stretched my thoughts, I started to drink coffee (again), I cursed, I looked at the issue from every perspective, I tried to get more sleep, I panicked and, eventually, it came to me. Two mandatory hours of studying everyday have worked wonders once I saw them as 'research'. I'm talking about studying because that is my essential target. And my main challenge.

Now call me crazy but I believe my absence of interest has reflected into my style. Inevitably, I've only been wearing neutral clothes, which is completely reversed with my personality since I see myself as a color lover and tend to add a splash of it into my outfits.

My increased focus hasn't changed the game yet. I still find myself trapped in the desaturated world, between black and white clothing. With a bit of luck, I'll get out soon.

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