And The Sunsets

Looking at something over and over again, every day, and realizing it's never the same — that's what sunsets mean to me. They're a daily reminder that another day has passed and I made it out just fine. A blessing.

I took these pics a few days ago in Tulcea, Romania. The moment came as an opportunity to sit back and relax, enjoy the brilliant view and contemplate about my choices. 'Cause my head has been exploding lately due to the million questions I'd received concerning my decisions, future resolutions, hopes, judgment, They all came like bullets, but I never actually got the chance to breathe in and put the pieces together. Whenever I had to make an important decision it happened during the evening — sunset time. I've made it clear before that I'm drawn by this moment of the day, it's one of my habits, but when there are favorable circumstances I shamelessly repeat myself, hoping I might instil just a piece of the feeling in somebody else. Yet words are cheap and the best way to make someone vibe with you is by showing them your point. Hope you enjoy the pics. :)