And The Sea

thalassophile - (noun) a person who loves the sea, the ocean.

Sand, salt, waves are the only combo that can cure anything, from broken souls to recklessly loud thoughts. The sea calms our minds and heals our wounds and it wasn't until I looked at these photos that I realized I am so grateful I hadn't skipped the seaside this year.

I haven't (yet) lived my life near the sea, but I'm planning to do it for sometime one day. I guess this love for salty air and sandy toes was seeded during my childhood, considering the fact that my parents started taking me on the beach since I was 10 months old and I never missed on the chance to inhale the sea breeze ever since then.

Now if you haven't already been this year where the earth, water and sky sync and kiss each other flawlessly, cancel all of your plans and go take a break. I have a habit of loving the sea, so I think that's the best refresh one can do!

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