I'm laying in bed while I'm preparing this blog post. My fluffy bear-pillow-blanket is on my right side, looking at me as always, and on my left side there's a package that I've just received from the courier. I swear I get more excited when the courier comes than I get on my birthdays.

I have a problem with online shopping...I'm fucking addicted to it. I buy so much shit online that now I'm friends with the couriers. The thing is, I usually feel bad after I set an order, 'cause I feel like I spend my parents' money too recklessly, then I feel pleased when I receive the package and after a while I start feeling remorse again and that's the moment when I promise myself the next time I fall in love with that pretty thing in the image I won't buy it. So far I've broken that promise way too many times.

A few months ago I started to have a lot of make-up questions. I know very little about make-up 'cause I get bored everytime I try watching tutorials and end up closing all the Youtube tabs in my browser in the middle of the video โ€” that's maybe why I can't put on eyeliner. A huge part of what I know is due to my mom, who taught me the make-up basics and told me tips. Ironically, she barely wears make-up but she was once a beauty consultant for Mary Kay. Back to the point, I started buying beauty and make-up products to make myself look better in the photos and now I feel like I'm never gonna have enough. I'm thinking about making a future post about online shopping, but until I get there I really have to open up this pack 'cause I can't wait to see my new Too Faced palette and Mascara.