A dreamer's post #3in1

I can't believe June's almost over — after the 20th day passes by I usually look at the month like it's already gone (I swear it was New Year's Eve like 6 hours ago!). I'll eventually get over this dramatic part of June when I start freaking out because it's my last free summer and so far I've shamelessly spent it sleeping...(I hate getting out of bed before noon #bearlife).

Ever since I've started blogging I've been wanting to take particular kinds of photos with Maria. We finally managed to get this done: 1 series which resembles 3 simple things that make everyone feel dreamy. Here you have it:

3. Sparks

There's just something magical about these. Maybe it's the way they draw everyone's attention the second they light up the surroundings or the feeling that you can play with fire. Either way, they carry you away in Wonderland for a few moments. For me, everything that sparkles, glitters or glows has my interest. Make a wish!

2. Rooftops

The higher the better, right? Since I'm not afraid of heights I find myself lost in thoughts in places which are closer to the sky. The best part about a rooftop is the panorama. The second best part is that the view is incredible from any point you look at. Even though one might not be a fan of getting close to the borders, everything looks astonishing from the center as well. Besides, it leaves you with the impression of being above everyone&everything.

1. Sunsets

The day begins when the sun goes down. That's how I look at it. The evening spreads its sail against the sky making a circus of colors and we know it's time to go to bed. It's natural for everyone, but it doesn't necessary mean that the day ended. If you think about it, the minute after the sun sets also marks the begging of a new day. Of course we normally choose to start it sleeping because our bodies and minds need that, but are you telling me you have never had a sleepless night? Never stayed up until sunrise to see how the morning sky looks like? Then your day had a different begging and your biological clock was probably confused. I like seeing thinks differently.

*I'm gonna leave you with some more pics because they're just too awesome to not share them. Have a great week!