The Bear Girl is a personal project through which I aim to develop my 'instincts' with little help from you.

How does it work? I'll weekly share my personal work and interests by posting thoughts, photographs and ideas.

Your part? You're simply invited to read&enjoy!

Meet The Bear Girl!

Behind the bear badge stands my actual name, Diana Iordachioaia. I am nothing but a dreamer with big plans. I am continually discovering myself, learning everyday who I am and who I want to become. My constant urge to escape the world into my own one is the main reason why I take my time when it comes to the things I am passionate about, such as reading, styling, traveling or to the things that completely fascinate me: words, nature and everything appealing to the eye. That means I will carefully take my time with every post of this journal-blog, making sure I like everything I share, in order to make you bear with me in this journey.

Why the name?

The first time when a friend called me "a bear" happened few years ago. I laughed and I saw it as the cutest comparison in the world (and I didn't even liked bears back then). But before I knew it, everyone had taken the tag seriously and jokes about honey or fur became usual in my everyday conversations. Well, being a not-so-typical kind of bear certainly has its advantages, but I had never thought it could lead into an actual blog. It's been a crazy ride until now and you are kindly invited to hop in. :)

Get in touch:

E-mail: thebeargirlblog@gmail.com

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