Gotta Love It

I spent the last two weeks with my family and friends, procrastinating at the highest possible level. But the holiday craze is over, reality check, so I pushed my lazy ass self to go back to the habitual outfit posts...

This bomber jacket and I have developed a really deep connection ever since it arrived at my door some while ago. It is definitely the fluffiest faux fur I've ever touched and it is so snug I almost feel like wearing it at home too. Our relationship got so real that even though I had another looks in the line for posting, I postponed 'em to show off this one. Corny, isn't it?

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Dress: HERE

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With New Year's Eve just around the corner, I wanted to say goodbye to 2016 in the most enjoyable way I could. Therefore, I have carefully put together some picture fails, which I hope will entertain yourself at least a little bit.

The photos that I weekly post are usually polished and edited. But behind those 6-7 pretty pictures stand 60 more which are either in motion, unfocused, goofy or just very, very bad looking. There are various reasons why this happens, starting with the fact that it ain't easy avoiding weird looks from random people while trying to cope with the camera and finding the right spot. There are also natural causes that create an unfriendly atmosphere, like wind, cold, snow, light, sun. Have I mentioned the wind?? And sometimes, it just gets fun and I start enjoying making silly faces.

May the new year bring you lots of foolish moments! You can make fun of mine until then.😜

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December Crush: Homewear

It's not much of a surprising crush, since December is all about family, Christmas and home. Growing up as a little kid (read bear) I was taught that staying at home is completely different if you wear the appropriate clothes. This guidance has developed into switching outwear garments to the coziest ones even when I come home and have just one or two hours before leaving again.

However, I may have gone a little cray cray with the comfortable pieces. From silk pajamas to fluffy socks and hoodies, I've bought it all this month. And I'm writing this with an onesie in my cart so I can afford making that statement. I know you're feeling me right now, so here are my suggestions for taking the chill moments to the next level:

1. HERE  2. HERE  3. HERE  4. HERE  5. HERE  6. HERE  7. HERE

True Colors

Before you judge my look, just note that I am perfectly aware of the fact that I made a weird combo of textures and styles and I stand by the fact that I actually like it. Probably the mesh top over was a lil' bit too much, but it's too late to cry now over the spilled milk.

Glitter is definitely my thing at the moment, even though I don't fancy wearing it. I'm being fascinated by it, by all of the things that shine so pretty and scream out loud: 'I AM FAB'. Well, I am absolutely fabulous (since it's written on my T-Shirt from the Fab Muses it must be true) but I can shine without too much glitter on. These tights on the other was just love at first sight.

Last but not least, I am really happy to announce that I have recently teamed up with Obsession4Fashion, a worldwide fashion platform and online fashion magazine. Obsession4Fashion is a team of creative, adventurous and confident fashion enthusiasts, whose interests are to bring together inspirational content. Its very own shopping search engine allows everyone to discover the latest collections from the best brands in the fashion industry. This is the place to get inspired by one of a kind bloggers and boutiques from around the world. Stay tuned with offers, discover new stuff, find inspiration, read stories & news — unlimited possibilities! Oh, and if you are passionate about the field, they are recruiting new members so feel free to apply here. Hope I'll see you there!

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Mesh Top





Fine Wine

These deadlines for uni assignments have kept me away for a while. Okay, actually the cold temperatures have also been a strong reason why I didn't wandered around the city to take pictures all the time. But you know that moment when you get some new clothes and suddenly you feel more open to the idea of going out? Well, receiving this cool faux fur coat from VIPme was exactly what I needed to keep me from hibernating.

VIPme is an online clothing store with their main office in San Jose, US. They offer a wide range of goods and have lots of collections featuring young designers. This means you'll find on their website basically every trend of the moment and key pieces all of us need in the wardrobe. I chose to collaborate with them not only because their products are high quality, but also because as a female fashion website, VIPme is positioning as a platform that empowers women to value individual perspective, to highlight self-awareness and to cherish the inner "you". Check more details about their movement here.

Since I have a thing for fluffy garments, I couldn't miss out on this awesome fur coat. I was pretty impressed by how soft the fabric feels and its burgundy color makes me wanna grab myself a bottle of wine and forget about all of them projects and deadlines for a night. Too bad I'll have to hold onto that thought for another while...

The good news is that I have a 5$ off Coupon Code you can use for orders over 50 dollars, DIANA430, which will be available two months from now. Also, you can get another Coupon worth 25$ if you register on their website. International shipping is free over 69$. Happy shopping!

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VIPme Coat






Good morning from the seaside! 

Well, I'd wish I could say that...But you have to admit you could be easily fooled by these photos. I had discovered that I have this mesmerizing lake near my place right when I needed to take some pics but had no energy to move my ass downtown on the fancy streets. It kinda worked out well. 

The fact that I look like a harlequin is completely worth wearing these comfortable pants. I think the only thing missing is a pair of beaked boots and I'd look like a circus runaway. 😄

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Wild Matters

I've searched the stores like crazy for this sweater and I finally found it after I'd stopped looking for it. But, well, it's mine now and I'll be wearing the s**t out of it! Kinda the same story with these boots I couldn't get my hands on last season...My heart skipped a beat when I saw them in the window of an outlet a while ago. All I could think about from that point to when I reached them was: 'Please be my size, please be my size, pleasepleaseplease'. Oh, since then it's just a special (and really painful) love story. ❤️

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Crest 3D White Full Package Review

"Smile more!" — a phrase that's echoing in both social media and real life over and over again. People associate smiling with happiness. Well, it might not always be the case, but it is scientifically proven that a fake smile can somehow lead to a real one and true feelings of joy.

I seek perfection when it comes down to basic aspects of appearance (strongly believing that hygiene should be put above pretty clothes and perfume). The point is, even though how we display ourselves is highly subjective, let's face it, we all want a nice smile. Having white, healthy teeth is a common interest since the attention is usually drawn to our mouths when we communicate. But in order to achieve that million dollar smile it might cost a few a million dollars to some. That's mainly why I thought sharing my whitening experience with Crest Whitestrips could somehow (read hopefully) be useful to somebody. Maybe, it will get you the smile that you want.

Crest Whitestrips are thin and flexible patches covered with a whitening gel that contains peroxide. Designed to conform to the shape of teeth, they work by keeping the whitening gel still on teeth, in order to penetrate the formation and stains under the enamel. They are completely safe if applied properly and hold the same ingredient used by dentists in whitening treatments, namely hydrogen peroxide.

My story is pretty simple: they worked wonders with my teeth. And I will explain why and how, but first, let me give you some short background info about my pearly whites. I wore braces for almost four years. When I took them down, back in 2009, my smile looked like it had been photoshopped in real life; it was just perfect. I am the kind of person who regularly goes to the dentist, brushes teeth like 5 times a day and takes good care of their smile obsessively. With years passing by and my body growing up and changing, my teeth have also not remained the same. So not long ago, I've started noticing that my million dollar smile wasn't looking anymore worth of a million dollars whatsoever...The lower teeth were getting a yellowish tone, with the upper ones following them slowly. And that's when the whitening strips kicked in.

I started using them about three weeks ago, only after I had read everything I needed. The package that I got contained 40 strips, 20 for the upper teeth and 20 for the lower ones, a dazzling pen and a special toothpaste, designed to keep the teeth fresh and whiter. I had used the strips on a daily basis for 5 days, then took a two day break to let everything set in place. I had noticed a color change since day 1 and, obviously, it improved every additional time. On the 8th day, after the application, I felt my teeth more sensitive than usual and decided I shouldn't use them so often. Ever since, I've been using Crest Whitestrips irregularly and without a certain pattern and the process is going really well.

I also alternate the strips with that magic pen, just to be sure none of them causes me any pain. The pen uses the same ingredients as the patches, but the application is different and the gel also feels distinctive. The results seem the same to me and I cannot say if one's better than the other. I think both are doing a really good job and it is just a matter of preferences, because the only thing that differentiates these two tools is the application system. Furthermore, I now manage to keep the white in place due to the Crest toothpaste. The toothpaste is by far the best one I have ever used and, even though it's a little more expensive than the usual ones found in the supermarkets, it is worth the money. It really feels like a tornado of freshness has invaded your mouth and the coolness can last up to 3 hours. 

Overall, I was pretty blown away by how quick this full package from Crest has helped me get my white smile back and made my teeth this bright in such a short time. I didn't had any particular problems with them and I've used everything precisely as indicated. Of course, it is recommended to consult your dentist before purchasing such products. There are special whitening strips with little or none peroxide, which are more indicated to people with highly sensitive teeth. You can find the wide range of goods on their official website. I hope this review will come in hand and help you make the best decision.

Let's smile more! 😁




On The Way

It's Christmaas tiiime! Well, not really. But judging by Starbucks' cup design it's almost that time of the year. And we all know that means stores are loaded right now with pretty decorations, fluffy sweaters and blankets, lights everywhere and all of that incredibly attractive stuff we all buy but don't actually need. Yup, the most wonderful time of the year! ❤️ No need to remind me it's just the middle of November, 'cause I'm counting the days and I'm catching the vibes!!🎅🏻

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