Monthly CRUSH

November Crush: Plaid Prints

They're everywhere, my heart included. Plaid prints have always been a remote area for me, mostly because I had hated my uniform from the primary school years... But since I've been playing with stripes for a while now, I'm slowly trying to level up and fit in the wardrobe plaids, other prints being soon-to-come as well.

If you're part of the same category of people as me, who find foggy, cold days calling for neutral colors you'll probably love how these patterns give you the impression that you put in a lot more effort for your look than you actually did. It also comes in handy for my lazy ass who can't bother too much to look pretty in the early hours of the day.

If you want to get on board with this madnes of plaids,  down below I have linked some cool pieces that I found at Zaful, so you can treat yourself with some if you haven't already.

1. HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE   4. HERE   5. HERE   6. HERE

October crush - Plaid Prints.jpg

June Crush: Sunglasses

Something quite unforeseeable, I know. From the moment when it's starting to warm up,  sunglasses are the number one accessory that I suddenly can't live without. This month I have discovered that there are many other shapes (wow!) that suit my facial features as well as the cateye ones do. And even though I didn't include much of those other shapes in this post, because the cateye type is still my first love, I have recently purchased two peculiar pairs I plan on showing off soon.

I always felt like wearing sunglasses, no matter the shape, lenses or border, makes people look badass in some kind of way. Like they don't only block the sun rays, but other stuff too: hate, conversations, people...depends on how you wear them. However some sunnies became overworn in the past few years. For me it's more interesting to choose odd sunglasses as long as you look good and they get their job done, so down below I have found some particular cool pairs that are waiting to be checked out.

Shop the post:

  1. HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE   4. HERE  

5. HERE   6. HERE   7. HERE   8. HERE

May Crush: Denim Jackets

There is a high chance that leather jackets will never be missing from my wardrobe, but lately I have been obsessing over almost every denim one that I have seen in the stores. I found myself buying 3 of them in the past months and I'm hardly helping myself from purchasing another one, considering the fact that summer is just a few days away. Truth be told, it hasn't exactly been the hottest Spring I have ever lived (in my entire 18 years of existence...) and since I was finding leather jackets a little too much and blazers slightly not enough, denim seemed like the right choice for the weather outside.

Another reason why I fell in love with them is because the more oversized one is, the better you're going to look in it, which isn't exactly the case with leather jackets. Or at least not my case. This comparison has to stop here until I have to name this post 'Denim Jackets Vs. Leather Jackets'. I'll leave below some really cool pieces that I found so you should check them out and see if my theories are accurate.  😜

1. HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE   4. HERE   5. HERE   6. HERE

March Crush: Floral Prints

Loved them before, love them now when they're in trend and will continue loving them even when they won't be. My tomboy side melts whenever a pretty garment with floral prints is in the way. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't dress myself up with these prints from head to toe, but some key items can surely transform an entire look. I found some really affordable, good-looking ones down below if you feel like mixing things up. After all, what better screams 'Spring' than flowers?

1. HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE   4. HERE   5. HERE   6. HERE

February Crush: Army Clothing

Off to the army! Just kidding, but I am feeling kinda badass wearing this army trend. I don't know why it didn't hit me until recently, but I'm into military all the way now. This style is somehow empowering and I feel like it gives the effortless touch I usually look for in an outfit. You can't quite go wrong with it, so SHOP, SHOP, SHOP! 😋

1. HERE  2. HERE  3. HERE  4. HERE  5. HERE  6. HERE

January Crush: Embroidered Jeans

This can be labeled by far as the weirdest crush I have ever had. I currently do not own any pair of embroidered jeans, but seeing them on other girls turns me into a heart-eyed emoji aka this 😍. I remember trying one pair a few months ago and for some reason I felt like my reflection in the mirror was nothing but a cheap version of a clown. Yet I don't know any other way to appease my fascination than getting myself some of these goodies and see where our relationship goes.

1. HERE  2. HERE  3. HERE  4. HERE  5. HERE  6. HERE

December Crush: Homewear

It's not much of a surprising crush, since December is all about family, Christmas and home. Growing up as a little kid (read bear) I was taught that staying at home is completely different if you wear the appropriate clothes. This guidance has developed into switching outwear garments to the coziest ones even when I come home and have just one or two hours before leaving again.

However, I may have gone a little cray cray with the comfortable pieces. From silk pajamas to fluffy socks and hoodies, I've bought it all this month. And I'm writing this with an onesie in my cart so I can afford making that statement. I know you're feeling me right now, so here are my suggestions for taking the chill moments to the next level:

1. HERE  2. HERE  3. HERE  4. HERE  5. HERE  6. HERE  7. HERE

September Crush: Hoodies

I'm at the point where I don't really give a damn about dressing lady-like or even putting some real effort into my outfits. And I really mean it since I've spent most of the last two weeks in my pyjamas. This bubble of comfort in which I've been living lately couldn't have pointed to anything more suitable than this type of clothing. :)

1. HERE  2. HERE  3. HERE  4. HERE  5. HERE  6. HERE

June Crush: Crop Tops

Looking back on past outlooks I can't believe I used to see crop tops as the most useless garments on earth — I thought it was pointless to spend a high amount of money on a tiny piece of material whilst with the same money you could buy the entire top. It kinda made sense, right? I honestly have no idea what changed my mind, but once I started purchasing them I couldn't stop on just a few...

1. Here  2. Here  3. Here  4. Here  5. Here  6. Here

May Crush: Embroidery

Embroidered clothes took over my life this month. I asked my mom to borrow me all of her bedecked items and actually watched DIY tutorials. Yet, I'm humble enough to admit that shopping the garments is a much simpler, faster and safer way to insert the embroidery trend in the closet.

1. Here  2. Here  3. Here  4. Here  5. Here  6. Here