Late Tuesday

Let's just ignore the fact that some of these pictures made it to my Instagram feed before being posted here firstly. This post was supposed to go online over a week ago, but in between work tasks, events and trying to maintain a somewhat social life, laziness is understandable. Not that I don't enjoy writing random thoughts here on a casual Tuesday night, but other tempting activities usually get in the way; like crawling in bed under a blanket with a book, watching Netflix Youtube videos (btw check out Kurzgesagt) or just simply surfing the internet.

Having taken a break from my spectacular night routine, I am proudly showing off this look that almost makes me wanna ditch my kicks for ladylike shoes more often. That bow on the back, those floral prints, the block heel sandals...not too bad for a girl who loves oversized clothing, right?

Geared Up For Summer

Hey there! My name is Diana and sometimes you can see me walking down the street dressed like a daydream, pink madness, bright colored peony. Just like today. Some other times you might not be able to recognize me through that imaginary misanthropic wall I put up with the world, lowkey snuggling in my oversized hoodie with my kicks on; but that happens often during the cold season. The main focus on this personal public blog is on the sociable side of me, that enjoys wearing pink summery outfits topped with straw hats, like today's.

The straw accessories trend has been really blowing up lately and I've been enjoying it just as everyone. I remember being little and having my mom force me into wearing white little straw hats tied with colored bands every time we stayed out in the sun, especially on vacation, on the beach. I still feel like they don't suit my style entirely, but there are no hard feelings here. Soon I'll be brave enough to give the straw bags a try and that's probably as far as I'll go with this trend.

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Straw Hat: HERE



There's this thing called offline life that's been keeping me focused on impalpable, desirable things, family and self-improvement; busy enough to stay away from this blogging hobby. There comes a certain point in your path where crossroads become overwhelming and the pressure of making valuable decisions is increasing. That's when you know you need time off.

While most of the population is already aware of how they're gonna be enjoying piña coladas on the beach or how many sunrises will catch them dancing this summer, I have exactly zero plans and getting a job is keeping me from making any at the moment (but I wouldn't mind some vacay recommendations if you feel like sharing*). A festival, an exotic vacation, a weekend getaway, a city-break? Maybe all of them? Until fate gets to decide that, I'll have my wardrobe prepared for every outcome. That's part of the reason why I'm walking in the heart of the city dressed like I'm going to the beach: if you can't go the seaside, you can at least look like it, right?

Soft Blush

These past few months have had a huge meaning over my entire being. I find it so funny whenever people ask me where I see myself in 5 years from now, considering that last year I had had no idea about how things would look like today. Life is made of unexpected moments and overplanning might be the root of disappointment because not everything is meant to be. Don't get me wrong, I think it's an essential matter to know what you want, but while you're getting there you should be enjoying the journey and the ups and downs. So while I had no idea that a glimpse of blind boldness would get me enrolled in an exchange program in France for 5 months, the Universe had it all planned out ahead.

Still I cannot decide if my constant self is all about being an introvert or about enjoying the company of random strangers at an event or gathering. Whatever the answer, I know for a fact that maintaining close human relationships is not my forte, and having had the chance to meet a bunch of amazing people whom I instantly clicked with in such a short amount of time was a heaven sent opportunity for my solitary side. While I am extremely thankful for the people that I managed to get to stay in my life over time, I have a flawed point of view that you should find a 'soulmate' in each and everyone you choose to invest your emotions in. And I'm saying that it's faulty because it doesn't usually allow me to make lots of connections and leads to great letdowns. But it also means creating the ideal network and keeping nearby the best of those who want to be with you.

And since I got more reflective and corny on this post, I noticed that dressing up as a giant pink cloud was a smart idea to resemble the mood. For the love of coffee and pretty pictures I met a few weeks ago with a photographer friend, Matteo, and the result can be seen down below. I mean partly, because I couldn't post 100 pictures here, but they will appear eventually on my social media channels and his. So make sure you check out his Instagram page, he has some breathtaking shots out there.


Solid Ground

There can't be a cold season without the presence of faux furs. I'd like to take a moment of appreciation for them since they exist, they're soft, fashionable, harmless to the environment and they keep you warm!! Looking back to my clothing style from a few years ago I don't understand what was going on through my mind when I was choosing to rather freeze to death than to pick garments which were appropriate, only because I didn't consider them too eye-catchy. Well, I think it can be called growing up (or old?). Anyway you can check out this fuzzy coat of mine at Zaful.

Learning to choose functionality over appearance became a priority when I started to treat more seriously the health issues that I had. But one thing that I understood early enough to save some time and money was the importance of good accessories. If they are cheap, they will most likely look cheap. At the same time, my budget is student-friendly so there just has to be a balance.

Watches are the only thing I probably won't ever get bored of. Since there are thousands of different types out there, it's easy to tell that details make the difference. Christmas came early for me this year because Daniel Wellington helped me extend my watch collection. On their Christmas campaign they offer amazing deals, and keep in mind that the code 'BEARGIRL' can bring you an extra 15% off.

Coat: HERE   Jumper: HERE   Trousers: HERE   Boots: HERE   Bag: HERE   Watch: HERE

Darken Up

From time to time I like to dress up in all of the rainbow's colors and show off the madness on the streets. As you can notice, today is certainly not the case. Sometimes I just like all of my colors mixed together, turned into the finest shade – black. All it took to make me go back to the black, dark-colored clothing was a little drop in the temperature. After so many weeks of warm weather, fall is finally making its presence in Lyon, an event I wouldn't had thought I'd be happy about, so the chance to wear sweaters and pulls and everything autumn-ish was more than welcomed.

What I am actually the most excited about is the opportunity to wear these bad ass boots from Sacha Shoes, cool enough to make a basic outfit way prettier. I used to think pointed toe shoes weren't made for my feet since I'm a size 40 (EU), until I've discovered that it's all about the pair that you're buying. The toe style surely makes a difference, but the focus should be on the quality itself. I still get easily fooled in the world of fast-fashion, but searching for the right pair that will make your feet appear longer and will step up your shoe game is no waste of time. Now I am highly grateful that my Sacha boots manage to check the boxes mentioned above, counting the fact that they're incredibly comfortable as well.

So if you are on the hunt for the pointed toe style too or you just feel like treating yourself with a new gorgeous pair of boots, I guarantee you'll be obsessed with these ones and you'll see them matching most of your outfits. They're my new go-to boots for the cold season so please bear me wearing them like crazy in the future posts.

Extra Red

It was probably around the time when I opened this blog when my feelings for summer fabrics and looks have started to fade, little by little, in comparison to the love for sweaters. This autumn hasn't yet gave me many chances to wear them, but don't take that as a complaint, so far France has been wonderful on many levels, including the forecast. I was so ready for the changes that were lining up my way, I swear, the only thing I didn't see coming by any means was the chaos. The messy process of organizational adaptation has been way too confusing, especially since I wouldn't generally put myself in the category of people who have their sh*t together. From bank matters to picking up the courses and even buying a freaking phone sim, everything has been tangled and way too complicated than it should had been. And some of the matters still aren't solved. On the other hand, in the middle of the administrative confusion I found myself more emotionally stable than ever. I couldn't be more grateful for feeling loved and supported and as cliché as it gets, the other things can't hurt you if you're at peace with yourself.

So while September meant chaos and I had to take things slowly, October is already feeling more welcoming. I've been waiting for the right day to finally shoot pics in this red obsession of mine. It's one of those items that I'd love to live in until the rest of the cold days, considering that I'm a sucker for fluffy/soft fabrics. I would also like to take a moment of appreciation for this perfect pair of jeans. 💓 I could only choose to take with me a few pairs from back home, which made a good excuse for buying this one...And a few more other things...

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If there's one thing that I really love my country for, it's internet. I've recently moved to Lyon, France for my university studies and I've been in a 24/7 war with the Wi-Fi connections here. It's not that they're bad...just worse than you could imagine. This post was supposed to be uploaded somewhere on Friday and, well, it's Tuesday now and I only managed to pull it off because I've spent half of my day in a coffee shop with some decent internet. However, there's nothing else I could be mad about my new home. Follow me on Instagram if you wanna be spammed with pretty pictures of this stunning city and bear with me because I'll soon start uploading blog posts as well.

In my defense, this look was photographed a few weeks ago in Bucharest, when fall was nowhere to be seen. I've been badly crushing over these track pants ever since I got them. They're not only badass looking, but they're also really long and length is normally an issue for me since I'm a tall girl. And because I got a lot of questions about some particular garments, I'm sharing here that I have the trousers and the cap from Zara, while the red glasses are from Ebay. Check the links down below for similar products.

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The Match

Let me just put it out there before anyone else gets confused: this long blazer thing that I'm wearing is a kimono (modern day trendy version), not a bath robe, as some of my friends called it. I have completely changed my mind about these garments since I've purchased one myself. I was familiar with the trend since it'd been around for some time now, but I think the reason why I never bought one was because the stores were always crowded with floral prints, and rarely something different. Oh, until one day when this dark baby caught my eye at a mall in Manchester...And it was the right match to my tastes.

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The Big Picture

Not the typical summer outfit, I know, but it was the best that I could've done considering how twisted and uncertain is the weather in the UK. I spent my last three weeks there and I found this unpredictability ten times more annoying than two years ago when I'd visited the country.  But, I also learned to appreciate more the time that I get for doing nothing but just relaxing, so I ended up loving the places that I got to see, with or without the rain.

Currently at home, I'm preparing myself for a longer trip that's about to come. And since I'm still trying to get out of the vacation mood, I'll just leave you with these few lines, hoping the pictures will be enjoyed. :)

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Open Sides

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss blogging or being socially active, but I've also enjoyed every moment of my time off. I wanted to do nothing but focus on myself this holiday and so far it's been working out better than I had expected. Oh, but the discomfort that I felt while taking these pictures due to the lack of 'practice' has reminded me that there's a very thin line between resting and laziness...

Considering that it's past mid-July I figured that a summer-friendly look would be the appropriate choice for this post. Looking at my outfit right now, I can't quite understand how I started from that idea and got to wearing high-waisted long jeans instead of shorts or a skirt. I guess the open side of this pair of jeans, which I am basically obsessed with and it took me about 2 months to find my size in the store, can count as useful for the heat. This type of bottoms come in handy especially for those who aren't big fans of culottes (if there's someone out there whatsoever?) and I think once you own a pair, you'll inevitably love them.

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One Of Those Days

Those 45 Celsius Degrees cannot stop me from wearing jeans, all right? Ok, that is not entirely true, but even though I was melting off in this outfit at 9 p.m. I have proudly pulled it off that evening. There are some days when I just don't feel like showing too much skin no matter the temperature and somehow out of all the possibilities it all comes back around jeans...and sneakers. 😁

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