Bear With Me In Paris

My bohemian days in Paris — saw this line written on a book cover a while ago, before I had even knew I was going to move to Lyon. For some reason it made me put Paris on the top of my future destinations, which now that I think of is kind of ironic since Geneva came before this trip and wasn't in the plan at all. I knew that living in Lyon for some time would give me the holy grail opportunity to discover more of France and learn about the french culture from the inside, so what better place to search for cultural references other than at the core?

Now I'm not gonna fill your head with how breathtaking the streets are, how history floats in the air of every iconic spot, how local's routines are fascinating to look at and how faced with the greatness of the city, time is withdrawing, clinging to a corner of consciousness and leaving you no other option than to ask yourself countless questions. Nope, instead I'm going to say that the Palace of Versailles is a real-life fairy tale place that stores more opulence than I've ever seen and that it was by far my favorite part of the trip. My only regret is that we couldn't stay longer than two days and that didn't allow us to see half of the things that we wanted to (I'm pretty sure two weeks would've worked). Also, I found out a very cheap and fast way to get from Lyon to Paris and the other way around, so if you need the tip just let me know.

The only thought that comforts me is that the city is too mesmerizing not to explore pieces of it with people you care about the most, so I'll be back soon to complete the bucket list. Until the next time, the few pictures down below are part of an outfit diary, but they still bear the essence of what I've just related. :)


Bear With Me in Brussels

Now I'm gonna try and put this in the most unlikely way of sounding boastful, but I probably ate the best waffles in the world. Chocolate is needless to mention...And I proudly feel no remorse for a single bite. The only regret that I might be feeling is about my chocolate goodies, forgotten in the fridge of the apartment where we stayed.

The only thing that I knew about the City of Brussels when I decided to go on a trip there was that the European Parliament holds a place of work there and that Belgium has some of the best chocolate out there — pretty foreseeable. I wanted to visit Rome ahead of it, but one of my friends had already been there so Brussels was the next option due to the similar plane ticket price. After three (rainy) days there, I can only say that I was blown-away by how beautiful that place can be and happy that I postponed Italy for a while. For an unknowing person like me, the architecture was strikingly similar (in particular places) to what I saw in the UK and in Austria, and completely different to anything else. But the streets, the people, the waffles, the cafés, the boutiques...Even McDonald's looked posh af in those gorgeous buildings. I really hope I'll go back there one day and maybe see the city during the warm season. Or just be there on a sunny day, because the weather that I got was really trouble for my plans and my hair.

I'll let the pictures speak more for myself. Bottom line, I'd say you won't regret visiting this city. If you won't love it, you'll at least enjoy the waffles and the frites. ❤

Bear With Me In London

Even though I spent three days in the overrated London city, I limited my thoughts on this last post of the UK series. I'm beginning to think I should've started with this, but there's no time to go back now.

London vibes are incredible, can't lie on this, you get a dizzy-vibrant-ecstatic feeling, but you have to be careful what you team it up with, because if you stumble upon empathy or spleen it won't be a very pleasing staying. Yet some of the best parts about the place include incredible views from anywhere you stand, inspiration at every step you take, AH-MA-ZING architecture, artsy walls, nice people and a wide range of food. No matter what you look for, you can sure as hell find it in London. Actually, you don't even have to look for it to find it. Just bear with me on this: me and my brother were looking for an affordable place to eat in the heart of the city but instead of going to a fast-food we went to a random underground restaurant which turned out to be a vampire-inspired place. Now I need to mention that an odd, dark, hipster restaurant wouldn't be my normal choice, but the point is that it felt welcoming to be in a place which promotes a (twisted, misunderstood) legend from your motherland. Not to mention that the manager was Romanian, I wonder where the Dracula theme idea came from!

I think we all know how crappy the London weather is, but let me just say my version: it's crappier! In my first day there was some really heavy rain so my mood matched it perfectly after a long walk with the luggage in my hand and a broken umbrella. There wasn't much to do except spending the day at the mall and that's exactly how it went down. My second day meant seeing the posh side of the city which was pretty impressing, but I found more appealing things people don't usually look at, such as doors, walls, random streets or buildings . Due to that revelation, in the last day a friend took us to a wilder side of the city, less polished and more alive. I admit there were more things to gaze at there.

It already passed some time since I had come back home from the UK trip so my mind is pretty made up at this point. London is a nice idea for a weekend break, but I couldn't live my life there, it's too crowded and it looks nicer on the outside. Afterall, a part of me is actually glad it turned out to be this way because now I feel even more excited about Birmingham being my university city choice.

Tourist In London

I spent 3 days in London with no meetings on my schedule, no University matters, no school, no inquiries, nothing else on the to do list except being a tourist and getting lost in this vibrant city. I tried my best to see as much as I could, from the iconic places to the less-known, yet beautiful parts of London. But, first things first, it's been a while since I've done an outfit post so I'll leave the impressions and the city shots for the next one. This was my look on the second day there and never have I imagined I would go for a dress when exploring a city, but, well, UK's street fashion is incredibly powerful...

*You have to play the song! (it was the only song I was listening to on my trip there)

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Bear With Me In Birmingham #2

Spring really looks the same everywhere. Except that in the UK it involves some wind and lower temperatures than in Romania. Apart from this, the trees still bloom, the sun is warm and people look happier. I've had my luck with the weather during the time I spent there, meaning that it was 80% sunny. London wasn't so kind on me but I'll save this talk for the next time.

I had some meetings at my pretty-lovely-fancy Uni in the morning (the first building down below is where most of my classes will take place). Did I forget to mention that BCU is 2 minutes away from the biggest mall in town? I could literally see it from the window and I can't decide if it's a good or a bad thing...Unfortunately, I couldn't take pics inside my uni, not because it isn't allowed, I honestly don't know if it is forbidden or not, but because I didn't have time and now I feel remorseful. My building has a PUB inside of it. I am not talking about the cafeterias, but an actual pub, which my course tutor showed me. He said that in order to build the new institutions they had to convince the bar's owner to move their business. The owners declined any of their offers so instead they have reached an agreement and now BCU students have their own pub. Pretty cool, huh?

That 20% remaining from the earlier statistics was for shitty weather, but I coped with the idea that it wouldn't have been a complete UK trip if we hadn't been greeted by some heavy rain. For a full package our umbrella had to get broken, of course, so excuse my dizzy hair in the final photos. Oh, and it was very impressive that although there is rain and then there is sun and then wind and then rain again, somehow pavements and buildings are almost always dry...Probably the breeze is to blame but, still, nice work, England!

* The photos are put exactly in the order they were taken. 🐻

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Bear With Me In Birmingham #1

I should've started this series of posts sooner because now my feelings towards my trips are a bit faded...The only thing which preserves the excitement is browsing through the photos, my return tickets to those particular moments. By the way, since we're on this page, I have to thank my brother for bravely bearing 5 full days as my personal photographer during the UK visit. Trust me bro, one day you'll use these skills so it's okay, you can be thankful then.

I went to Birmingham to check the university I'd applied to. My plan included Coventry town too, but I sort of visited it by bus and the only words that crossed my mind then were 'grey', 'small', 'weird', so it was indirectly rejected (after my uni tour it got completely dismissed anyway). It was an active vacay, quite tiring, but overall I fell in love with certain places, things, feelings and I developed a connection with this city. I hope the desire will last enough for the next 4 years since I've made BCU my firm choice...

My first day in Birmingham meant art, gazing, museums, random buildings and city's history. I tried to include small pieces of everything amongst my outfit pics. The city has its own special vibe, it is a successful combination between modern and classic, glass and rock, shiny and gloomy. I think it's a place for every single one and even the pickiest could fit there. What pleasantly surprised me was the amount of Romanians living there. I even met a few, I heard some others — it's good for the heart to know your fellows are with you.

Don't forget to play the song! :P

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