Floral Dream

Sundays are still my favorite days of the week. I remember hating them while I was living in France, because the cultural gap was messing with my idea of how a Sunday should feel like. Everything was closed there, from malls to shopping stores, and you could barely find a coffee shop open. But in Romania Sundays feel so peaceful and soothing, like a day meant for soul healing. A day meant for spending time with your family, friends, brunches, walks, reading and taking pics. And it is thanks to days that fall into this category that I manage to put together blog posts like this one.

I’ve been going back and forth between maintaining an online presence and going full undercover. Having started working in a PR agency meant discovering a different perspective on how business functions in the world of the public image. The glamour fades once you contribute at building it, but the acomplishment of watching your work being brought to life and then being appreciated for it is indescribable. I have suprisingly found great pleasure into knowing what’s going on behind the scenes and I’ve realized that is where I would like to focus my energy on.

My absence on this virtual diary is due to the fact that it took me a while to understand and accept the idea that I also belong on the other side of the show. I still love attending parties as a guest, I still enjoy being in front of the camera and I still love the perks of working on my own social media channels. I love creating content for myself, not only for clients and events, and it’s still therapeutical to share my random thoughts on my personal online spaces. Most of the times when I get at a mental crossroad such as the one described above there’s one thing that helps me handle it better: telling myself Remember why you started (I should have this tattooed lol). I somehow know instinctively the answer and then it is just a matter of time until I wrap my head around the idea and accept it. Maybe some will find it useful too.

In other words I’ve remembered why I’ve started this blogging journey and I’m not yet ready to let it go. Thanks for stopping by my page. I appreciate you bearing with me until this last line and I hope you enjoy my content. 😊

Wearing a Lynne outfit.

Late Tuesday

Let's just ignore the fact that some of these pictures made it to my Instagram feed before being posted here firstly. This post was supposed to go online over a week ago, but in between work tasks, events and trying to maintain a somewhat social life, laziness is understandable. Not that I don't enjoy writing random thoughts here on a casual Tuesday night, but other tempting activities usually get in the way; like crawling in bed under a blanket with a book, watching Netflix Youtube videos (btw check out Kurzgesagt) or just simply surfing the internet.

Having taken a break from my spectacular night routine, I am proudly showing off this look that almost makes me wanna ditch my kicks for ladylike shoes more often. That bow on the back, those floral prints, the block heel sandals...not too bad for a girl who loves oversized clothing, right?

Geared Up For Summer

Hey there! My name is Diana and sometimes you can see me walking down the street dressed like a daydream, pink madness, bright colored peony. Just like today. Some other times you might not be able to recognize me through that imaginary misanthropic wall I put up with the world, lowkey snuggling in my oversized hoodie with my kicks on; but that happens often during the cold season. The main focus on this personal public blog is on the sociable side of me, that enjoys wearing pink summery outfits topped with straw hats, like today's.

The straw accessories trend has been really blowing up lately and I've been enjoying it just as everyone. I remember being little and having my mom force me into wearing white little straw hats tied with colored bands every time we stayed out in the sun, especially on vacation, on the beach. I still feel like they don't suit my style entirely, but there are no hard feelings here. Soon I'll be brave enough to give the straw bags a try and that's probably as far as I'll go with this trend.

Get a similar look:


Trousers: HERE

Flats: HERE

Straw Hat: HERE



There's this thing called offline life that's been keeping me focused on impalpable, desirable things, family and self-improvement; busy enough to stay away from this blogging hobby. There comes a certain point in your path where crossroads become overwhelming and the pressure of making valuable decisions is increasing. That's when you know you need time off.

While most of the population is already aware of how they're gonna be enjoying piña coladas on the beach or how many sunrises will catch them dancing this summer, I have exactly zero plans and getting a job is keeping me from making any at the moment (but I wouldn't mind some vacay recommendations if you feel like sharing*). A festival, an exotic vacation, a weekend getaway, a city-break? Maybe all of them? Until fate gets to decide that, I'll have my wardrobe prepared for every outcome. That's part of the reason why I'm walking in the heart of the city dressed like I'm going to the beach: if you can't go the seaside, you can at least look like it, right?

Soft Blush

These past few months have had a huge meaning over my entire being. I find it so funny whenever people ask me where I see myself in 5 years from now, considering that last year I had had no idea about how things would look like today. Life is made of unexpected moments and overplanning might be the root of disappointment because not everything is meant to be. Don't get me wrong, I think it's an essential matter to know what you want, but while you're getting there you should be enjoying the journey and the ups and downs. So while I had no idea that a glimpse of blind boldness would get me enrolled in an exchange program in France for 5 months, the Universe had it all planned out ahead.

Still I cannot decide if my constant self is all about being an introvert or about enjoying the company of random strangers at an event or gathering. Whatever the answer, I know for a fact that maintaining close human relationships is not my forte, and having had the chance to meet a bunch of amazing people whom I instantly clicked with in such a short amount of time was a heaven sent opportunity for my solitary side. While I am extremely thankful for the people that I managed to get to stay in my life over time, I have a flawed point of view that you should find a 'soulmate' in each and everyone you choose to invest your emotions in. And I'm saying that it's faulty because it doesn't usually allow me to make lots of connections and leads to great letdowns. But it also means creating the ideal network and keeping nearby the best of those who want to be with you.

And since I got more reflective and corny on this post, I noticed that dressing up as a giant pink cloud was a smart idea to resemble the mood. For the love of coffee and pretty pictures I met a few weeks ago with a photographer friend, Matteo, and the result can be seen down below. I mean partly, because I couldn't post 100 pictures here, but they will appear eventually on my social media channels and his. So make sure you check out his Instagram page, he has some breathtaking shots out there.


Rowenta Premium Care Brush & Straight

Hair is a topic everybody is more or less interested in. Maintaining a healthy, undamaged hair or learning what hairstyle suits us the best are some of the issues we've all asked ourselves at a point.

It took me some years to embrace the natural form of my hair and stop constantly wishing it was sleek and straight. I guess it's true what they say: everyone wishes for the thing they don't have. Since there is a huge difference between enhancing your natural hair's form and trying to make it look like something it wasn't meant to be, the moment I made peace with its structure it became easier to style it.

It's been a month since I've started using the Rowenta Premium Care Brush and Straight iron and honestly I would never go back to my old regular one. I rarely straighten my hair, although I did try it out for the sake of this review and I had it done incredibly fast. It used to take me around 40 minutes to 1 hour to perfectly get my hair straight, so it was cool save time and finish the style in about 20 minutes. But since I have natural wavy curls I need a straightening iron to define them, as well as to straighten my baby hairs (which I do almost daily). I fell in love with this Rowenta one which does the job magically because of a few bold reasons:

  • Rowenta has an attached brush to it that helps at softening the hair and getting rid of the frizz.
  • unlike the effect of a regular hair straightener, the outcome looks more natural and waves will still form but in a neat and tidy way
  • it helps with saving time because it heats in less than 15 seconds
  • the keratin coat and the ion generator leaves the hair extremely soft and shiny, without damaging it
  • the packaging is not to miss, since it is all white with a touch of platinum purple, details that make a difference and give the tool a luxurious feeling

All in all, a straightening iron is a beauty tool essential in every girl's routine and I think that this Rowenta one will get immediately to the hearts of those who try it!



Părul este un subiect despre care toata lumea este interesată, mai mult sau mai puțin. Menținerea unui păr sănătos, nedeteriorat sau descoperirea a ceea ce se potrivește cel mai bine cu părul nostru sunt doar unele dintre problemele pe care le-am avut toți la un moment dat.

Pentru mine a durat ceva timp până am învățat să accept forma naturală pe care o are părul meu și să încetez să îmi mai doresc constant ca el să stea drept și lucios. Cred că e adevărat ce se spune, că fiecare își dorește ceea ce nu are. Deoarece există o diferență enormă între a da contur părului natural și încercarea de a-l face să stea cum nu a fost menit să fie, în momentul în care m-am împăcat cu structura sa, a devenit mai ușor să-l stilizez.

De mai bine de o lună mi-a venit in ajutor placa de păr Rowenta Premium Care Brush & Straight și nu m-aș mai întoarce înapoi la cea pe care o foloseam înainte. Îmi îndrept părul destul de rar, dar am testat produsul și la capitolul acesta pentru a-mi putea exprima recenzia corect și am fost impresionată de rapiditatea cu care am realizat coafura. De obicei dura între 40 de minute și o oră pentru a îndrepta părul, însă cu placa aceasta am terminat în aproximativ 25 de minute. În orice caz, din moment ce am bucle naturale, îmi place sa folosessc o placă de îndreptare pentru a le defini, precum și pentru a îndrepta firele scurte care se regenereaza (lucru pe care îl fac aproape zilnic). M-am îndrăgostit de acest model de la Rowenta care face o treabă magică datorită unor motive esențiale:

•    Rowenta are o perie atașată care lasă părul moale și nu permite electrizarea sa
•    spre deosebire de efectul obținut cu un dispozitiv obișnuit de îndreptare al părului, rezultatul acestuia pare mai natural, iar buclele se vor forma în continuare, dar într-un mod neted și ordonat
•    ajută la economisirea timpului deoarece se încălzește în mai puțin de 15 secunde
•    stratul de keratină și generatorul de ioni lasă părul extrem de moale și strălucitor, fără să-l deterioreze
•    ambalajul simt că trebuie menționat, fiindcă este alb cu mov platinat, detalii care fac diferența și care adaugă o notă de lux

Pe scurt, placa de întindere e un dispozitiv de beauty indispensabil și o recomand cu toată inima pe aceasta de la Rowenta, de care sunt sigură că se va îndrăgosti oricine o va folosi!

Solid Ground

There can't be a cold season without the presence of faux furs. I'd like to take a moment of appreciation for them since they exist, they're soft, fashionable, harmless to the environment and they keep you warm!! Looking back to my clothing style from a few years ago I don't understand what was going on through my mind when I was choosing to rather freeze to death than to pick garments which were appropriate, only because I didn't consider them too eye-catchy. Well, I think it can be called growing up (or old?). Anyway you can check out this fuzzy coat of mine at Zaful.

Learning to choose functionality over appearance became a priority when I started to treat more seriously the health issues that I had. But one thing that I understood early enough to save some time and money was the importance of good accessories. If they are cheap, they will most likely look cheap. At the same time, my budget is student-friendly so there just has to be a balance.

Watches are the only thing I probably won't ever get bored of. Since there are thousands of different types out there, it's easy to tell that details make the difference. Christmas came early for me this year because Daniel Wellington helped me extend my watch collection. On their Christmas campaign they offer amazing deals, and keep in mind that the code 'BEARGIRL' can bring you an extra 15% off.

Coat: HERE   Jumper: HERE   Trousers: HERE   Boots: HERE   Bag: HERE   Watch: HERE

Bear With Me In Paris

My bohemian days in Paris — saw this line written on a book cover a while ago, before I had even knew I was going to move to Lyon. For some reason it made me put Paris on the top of my future destinations, which now that I think of is kind of ironic since Geneva came before this trip and wasn't in the plan at all. I knew that living in Lyon for some time would give me the holy grail opportunity to discover more of France and learn about the french culture from the inside, so what better place to search for cultural references other than at the core?

Now I'm not gonna fill your head with how breathtaking the streets are, how history floats in the air of every iconic spot, how local's routines are fascinating to look at and how faced with the greatness of the city, time is withdrawing, clinging to a corner of consciousness and leaving you no other option than to ask yourself countless questions. Nope, instead I'm going to say that the Palace of Versailles is a real-life fairy tale place that stores more opulence than I've ever seen and that it was by far my favorite part of the trip. My only regret is that we couldn't stay longer than two days and that didn't allow us to see half of the things that we wanted to (I'm pretty sure two weeks would've worked). Also, I found out a very cheap and fast way to get from Lyon to Paris and the other way around, so if you need the tip just let me know.

The only thought that comforts me is that the city is too mesmerizing not to explore pieces of it with people you care about the most, so I'll be back soon to complete the bucket list. Until the next time, the few pictures down below are part of an outfit diary, but they still bear the essence of what I've just related. :)


November Crush: Plaid Prints

They're everywhere, my heart included. Plaid prints have always been a remote area for me, mostly because I had hated my uniform from the primary school years... But since I've been playing with stripes for a while now, I'm slowly trying to level up and fit in the wardrobe plaids, other prints being soon-to-come as well.

If you're part of the same category of people as me, who find foggy, cold days calling for neutral colors you'll probably love how these patterns give you the impression that you put in a lot more effort for your look than you actually did. It also comes in handy for my lazy ass who can't bother too much to look pretty in the early hours of the day.

If you want to get on board with this madnes of plaids,  down below I have linked some cool pieces that I found at Zaful, so you can treat yourself with some if you haven't already.

1. HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE   4. HERE   5. HERE   6. HERE

October crush - Plaid Prints.jpg

Darken Up

From time to time I like to dress up in all of the rainbow's colors and show off the madness on the streets. As you can notice, today is certainly not the case. Sometimes I just like all of my colors mixed together, turned into the finest shade – black. All it took to make me go back to the black, dark-colored clothing was a little drop in the temperature. After so many weeks of warm weather, fall is finally making its presence in Lyon, an event I wouldn't had thought I'd be happy about, so the chance to wear sweaters and pulls and everything autumn-ish was more than welcomed.

What I am actually the most excited about is the opportunity to wear these bad ass boots from Sacha Shoes, cool enough to make a basic outfit way prettier. I used to think pointed toe shoes weren't made for my feet since I'm a size 40 (EU), until I've discovered that it's all about the pair that you're buying. The toe style surely makes a difference, but the focus should be on the quality itself. I still get easily fooled in the world of fast-fashion, but searching for the right pair that will make your feet appear longer and will step up your shoe game is no waste of time. Now I am highly grateful that my Sacha boots manage to check the boxes mentioned above, counting the fact that they're incredibly comfortable as well.

So if you are on the hunt for the pointed toe style too or you just feel like treating yourself with a new gorgeous pair of boots, I guarantee you'll be obsessed with these ones and you'll see them matching most of your outfits. They're my new go-to boots for the cold season so please bear me wearing them like crazy in the future posts.

The Basic Makeup Products

A few days ago I was going through some of my most visited articles and I've noticed that, surprisingly, my very first makeup related entry is one of them. Two years ago have past since that was uploaded and a lot has changed when it comes to my makeup tastes, so I figured it would be the right time to share my thoughts again on this topic. I picked some products that I consider pretty basic, from foundation, concealer to eyeshadow and I'll explain just why I'm getting along with them and why I recommend them. Have a nice read!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

First things first, I have to mention that my complexion is very oily in the T Zone, and normal to dry in the rest of the areas. This foundation is my favorite from all that I've tested so far and works amazing with my skin, leaving a natural-looking matte finish. It doesn't feel heavy at all on the skin, it basically looks like it's not even there. It has medium to full coverage, it is buildable and it doesn't get cakey. Usually on the days when I have courses I just apply foundation and concealer and simply set them with powder and I swear it blurs the imperfections away at the most accurate level - not too little, not too much - and makes the skin look fresher. However, it doesn't offer much luminosity so if you're looking for a foundation which does that, this might not be the one for you.

I always use this foundation with a primer (Pore Minimizing from Benefit is my latest crush) and it lasts me flawlessly up to 8 hours, afterwards I start getting very oily and there's nothing I can do to save it anymore. That might not sound like a lot, but for me it is just about the right amount because after 10 hours of wearing makeup my skin feels very dirty and I want to cleanse immediately. The number of hours also depends on what I do, sometimes it happens to be in a hurry and get sweaty just after I leave the house so it's obvious that the foundation won't look as good as it did at the beginning. It also ain't quite cheap, but considering its strengths and the fact that it is from a high-end brand I think the price is worth it.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer

I can't even remember what concealer I was using before I've discovered this one, because ever since I did, I never went back. It's full coverage and it doesn't crease. I sometimes only wear it on the under eye area and it brightens up my hole face. I haven't exactly tried it with a lot of foundations, but I can tell you that it performs well with the Too Faced one. I own two shades, Y23 and R20, because I couldn't find the perfect match, so this might be the only downside. It's not that big of a deal tho, Y23 is closer to my complexion but not much lighter, while R20 is very fair, and if I don't use powder it can look ridiculous.

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit

Hands down the best face sculpting kit! The powders are pigmented, but not too pigmented (to the point where if you apply too much on the face it won’t blend out). And I gotta mention the smell, because it is heavenly!! It actually smells like cocoa and applying the powders is somehow weirdly satisfying. I have the kit in the shade light to medium and I mostly use the Medium Cocoa and the Light Cocoa. I like the other ones just as much, but the Dark Cocoa has a subtle orange undertone (nothing to be scared of whatsoever) and I apply it over the Medium shade when I'm looking for a more dramatic contour. The Pop of Light shade is a light powder with shimmer in it that looks a little glittery on the skin. It’s actually really beautiful and I find myself using it whenever I want a subtle highlighter, but I usually go for a more blinding one. Oh and I can’t comment on the buki brush because I’ve never used it. Not that I don’t like it, but I’ve already found my holy grail when it comes to contouring brushes so I never needed to get this tiny pretty one dirty.

Too Faced Brow Envy Kit

Speaking of holy grail cosmetics, I’ll probably never get bored of this brow kit. It's a pretty little box with everything that you need for shaping and defining the brows. It has two brow powders, one lighter, one darker, a highlighter to make the brows pop and a setting wax. Now besides the last one, I regularly use everything else. I don’t necessarily hate the setting wax but I find my NYX Control Freak clear brow gel much easier to use. The kit also contains a mirror, two cute little brushes, one for combing, one for the powders (I personally dislike this one) and a tweezers which comes in really handy especially when traveling.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

Back in the first year of Highschool, clear gloss was the only makeup that I was wearing and a it was also the first makeup product that I’ve ever bought. I stopped wearing it because it was too messy and sticky. Before I’ve moved to France over a month ago I had a sleepover at a friend’s where I used a gloss from one of them and rediscovered my love for it. Now the Fenty Beauty line launched just in time for my need to buy lip glosses and that is how I ended up with this one. There's not much to say about it, I don’t think it is out of this world, but it is a pretty gloss ,which looks much darker when you swatch it than it looks on the lips. Oh, and it smells so freaking good!! Lately I’ve made an obsession out of using it on top of liquid lipsticks, but I like it just as much by itself.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

This is good. This stuff is really good! And this bottle of mine is really empty so I need a new one asap. I’ve been using this setting spray for more than a year and a half now and it helps the makeup stay in place and not transfer. It also tempers my oily areas and at the same time hydrates the dryness (I am aware of how weird that sounds). It basically does everything a setting spray should do.

Naked Heat Palette by Urban Decay

Last but not least, this is my most recent purchase from all of the above. It is not a exactly the typical basic palette, more of a warm toned one, but I am really obsessed with the colors and I couldn’t not mention it. I would also like to apologize for being too lazy to swatch it but there are a lot of pictures with them on the internet. The packaging looks badass, it feels heavy and luxurious. The colors are highly pigmented, easy to blend and freaking stunning! I find them quite unique, but it’s not like I’ve played with a thousand eyeshadow palettes so this is very subjective. It’s also my first palette with a good brush that I actually use and like.

Extra Red

It was probably around the time when I opened this blog when my feelings for summer fabrics and looks have started to fade, little by little, in comparison to the love for sweaters. This autumn hasn't yet gave me many chances to wear them, but don't take that as a complaint, so far France has been wonderful on many levels, including the forecast. I was so ready for the changes that were lining up my way, I swear, the only thing I didn't see coming by any means was the chaos. The messy process of organizational adaptation has been way too confusing, especially since I wouldn't generally put myself in the category of people who have their sh*t together. From bank matters to picking up the courses and even buying a freaking phone sim, everything has been tangled and way too complicated than it should had been. And some of the matters still aren't solved. On the other hand, in the middle of the administrative confusion I found myself more emotionally stable than ever. I couldn't be more grateful for feeling loved and supported and as cliché as it gets, the other things can't hurt you if you're at peace with yourself.

So while September meant chaos and I had to take things slowly, October is already feeling more welcoming. I've been waiting for the right day to finally shoot pics in this red obsession of mine. It's one of those items that I'd love to live in until the rest of the cold days, considering that I'm a sucker for fluffy/soft fabrics. I would also like to take a moment of appreciation for this perfect pair of jeans. 💓 I could only choose to take with me a few pairs from back home, which made a good excuse for buying this one...And a few more other things...

Get a similar look:

Sweater: HERE   Jeans: HERE   Boots: HERE   Bag: HERE   Scarf: HERE