The Basic Makeup Products

A few days ago I was going through some of my most visited articles and I've noticed that, surprisingly, my very first makeup related entry is one of them. Two years ago have past since that was uploaded and a lot has changed when it comes to my makeup tastes, so I figured it would be the right time to share my thoughts again on this topic. I picked some products that I consider pretty basic, from foundation, concealer to eyeshadow and I'll explain just why I'm getting along with them and why I recommend them. Have a nice read!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

First things first, I have to mention that my complexion is very oily in the T Zone, and normal to dry in the rest of the areas. This foundation is my favorite from all that I've tested so far and works amazing with my skin, leaving a natural-looking matte finish. It doesn't feel heavy at all on the skin, it basically looks like it's not even there. It has medium to full coverage, it is buildable and it doesn't get cakey. Usually on the days when I have courses I just apply foundation and concealer and simply set them with powder and I swear it blurs the imperfections away at the most accurate level - not too little, not too much - and makes the skin look fresher. However, it doesn't offer much luminosity so if you're looking for a foundation which does that, this might not be the one for you.

I always use this foundation with a primer (Pore Minimizing from Benefit is my latest crush) and it lasts me flawlessly up to 8 hours, afterwards I start getting very oily and there's nothing I can do to save it anymore. That might not sound like a lot, but for me it is just about the right amount because after 10 hours of wearing makeup my skin feels very dirty and I want to cleanse immediately. The number of hours also depends on what I do, sometimes it happens to be in a hurry and get sweaty just after I leave the house so it's obvious that the foundation won't look as good as it did at the beginning. It also ain't quite cheap, but considering its strengths and the fact that it is from a high-end brand I think the price is worth it.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer

I can't even remember what concealer I was using before I've discovered this one, because ever since I did, I never went back. It's full coverage and it doesn't crease. I sometimes only wear it on the under eye area and it brightens up my hole face. I haven't exactly tried it with a lot of foundations, but I can tell you that it performs well with the Too Faced one. I own two shades, Y23 and R20, because I couldn't find the perfect match, so this might be the only downside. It's not that big of a deal tho, Y23 is closer to my complexion but not much lighter, while R20 is very fair, and if I don't use powder it can look ridiculous.

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit

Hands down the best face sculpting kit! The powders are pigmented, but not too pigmented (to the point where if you apply too much on the face it won’t blend out). And I gotta mention the smell, because it is heavenly!! It actually smells like cocoa and applying the powders is somehow weirdly satisfying. I have the kit in the shade light to medium and I mostly use the Medium Cocoa and the Light Cocoa. I like the other ones just as much, but the Dark Cocoa has a subtle orange undertone (nothing to be scared of whatsoever) and I apply it over the Medium shade when I'm looking for a more dramatic contour. The Pop of Light shade is a light powder with shimmer in it that looks a little glittery on the skin. It’s actually really beautiful and I find myself using it whenever I want a subtle highlighter, but I usually go for a more blinding one. Oh and I can’t comment on the buki brush because I’ve never used it. Not that I don’t like it, but I’ve already found my holy grail when it comes to contouring brushes so I never needed to get this tiny pretty one dirty.

Too Faced Brow Envy Kit

Speaking of holy grail cosmetics, I’ll probably never get bored of this brow kit. It's a pretty little box with everything that you need for shaping and defining the brows. It has two brow powders, one lighter, one darker, a highlighter to make the brows pop and a setting wax. Now besides the last one, I regularly use everything else. I don’t necessarily hate the setting wax but I find my NYX Control Freak clear brow gel much easier to use. The kit also contains a mirror, two cute little brushes, one for combing, one for the powders (I personally dislike this one) and a tweezers which comes in really handy especially when traveling.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

Back in the first year of Highschool, clear gloss was the only makeup that I was wearing and a it was also the first makeup product that I’ve ever bought. I stopped wearing it because it was too messy and sticky. Before I’ve moved to France over a month ago I had a sleepover at a friend’s where I used a gloss from one of them and rediscovered my love for it. Now the Fenty Beauty line launched just in time for my need to buy lip glosses and that is how I ended up with this one. There's not much to say about it, I don’t think it is out of this world, but it is a pretty gloss ,which looks much darker when you swatch it than it looks on the lips. Oh, and it smells so freaking good!! Lately I’ve made an obsession out of using it on top of liquid lipsticks, but I like it just as much by itself.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

This is good. This stuff is really good! And this bottle of mine is really empty so I need a new one asap. I’ve been using this setting spray for more than a year and a half now and it helps the makeup stay in place and not transfer. It also tempers my oily areas and at the same time hydrates the dryness (I am aware of how weird that sounds). It basically does everything a setting spray should do.

Naked Heat Palette by Urban Decay

Last but not least, this is my most recent purchase from all of the above. It is not a exactly the typical basic palette, more of a warm toned one, but I am really obsessed with the colors and I couldn’t not mention it. I would also like to apologize for being too lazy to swatch it but there are a lot of pictures with them on the internet. The packaging looks badass, it feels heavy and luxurious. The colors are highly pigmented, easy to blend and freaking stunning! I find them quite unique, but it’s not like I’ve played with a thousand eyeshadow palettes so this is very subjective. It’s also my first palette with a good brush that I actually use and like.

Extra Red

It was probably around the time when I opened this blog when my feelings for summer fabrics and looks have started to fade, little by little, in comparison to the love for sweaters. This autumn hasn't yet gave me many chances to wear them, but don't take that as a complaint, so far France has been wonderful on many levels, including the forecast. I was so ready for the changes that were lining up my way, I swear, the only thing I didn't see coming by any means was the chaos. The messy process of organizational adaptation has been way too confusing, especially since I wouldn't generally put myself in the category of people who have their sh*t together. From bank matters to picking up the courses and even buying a freaking phone sim, everything has been tangled and way too complicated than it should had been. And some of the matters still aren't solved. On the other hand, in the middle of the administrative confusion I found myself more emotionally stable than ever. I couldn't be more grateful for feeling loved and supported and as cliché as it gets, the other things can't hurt you if you're at peace with yourself.

So while September meant chaos and I had to take things slowly, October is already feeling more welcoming. I've been waiting for the right day to finally shoot pics in this red obsession of mine. It's one of those items that I'd love to live in until the rest of the cold days, considering that I'm a sucker for fluffy/soft fabrics. I would also like to take a moment of appreciation for this perfect pair of jeans. 💓 I could only choose to take with me a few pairs from back home, which made a good excuse for buying this one...And a few more other things...

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If there's one thing that I really love my country for, it's internet. I've recently moved to Lyon, France for my university studies and I've been in a 24/7 war with the Wi-Fi connections here. It's not that they're bad...just worse than you could imagine. This post was supposed to be uploaded somewhere on Friday and, well, it's Tuesday now and I only managed to pull it off because I've spent half of my day in a coffee shop with some decent internet. However, there's nothing else I could be mad about my new home. Follow me on Instagram if you wanna be spammed with pretty pictures of this stunning city and bear with me because I'll soon start uploading blog posts as well.

In my defense, this look was photographed a few weeks ago in Bucharest, when fall was nowhere to be seen. I've been badly crushing over these track pants ever since I got them. They're not only badass looking, but they're also really long and length is normally an issue for me since I'm a tall girl. And because I got a lot of questions about some particular garments, I'm sharing here that I have the trousers and the cap from Zara, while the red glasses are from Ebay. Check the links down below for similar products.

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The Match

Let me just put it out there before anyone else gets confused: this long blazer thing that I'm wearing is a kimono (modern day trendy version), not a bath robe, as some of my friends called it. I have completely changed my mind about these garments since I've purchased one myself. I was familiar with the trend since it'd been around for some time now, but I think the reason why I never bought one was because the stores were always crowded with floral prints, and rarely something different. Oh, until one day when this dark baby caught my eye at a mall in Manchester...And it was the right match to my tastes.

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The Big Picture

Not the typical summer outfit, I know, but it was the best that I could've done considering how twisted and uncertain is the weather in the UK. I spent my last three weeks there and I found this unpredictability ten times more annoying than two years ago when I'd visited the country.  But, I also learned to appreciate more the time that I get for doing nothing but just relaxing, so I ended up loving the places that I got to see, with or without the rain.

Currently at home, I'm preparing myself for a longer trip that's about to come. And since I'm still trying to get out of the vacation mood, I'll just leave you with these few lines, hoping the pictures will be enjoyed. :)

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Open Sides

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss blogging or being socially active, but I've also enjoyed every moment of my time off. I wanted to do nothing but focus on myself this holiday and so far it's been working out better than I had expected. Oh, but the discomfort that I felt while taking these pictures due to the lack of 'practice' has reminded me that there's a very thin line between resting and laziness...

Considering that it's past mid-July I figured that a summer-friendly look would be the appropriate choice for this post. Looking at my outfit right now, I can't quite understand how I started from that idea and got to wearing high-waisted long jeans instead of shorts or a skirt. I guess the open side of this pair of jeans, which I am basically obsessed with and it took me about 2 months to find my size in the store, can count as useful for the heat. This type of bottoms come in handy especially for those who aren't big fans of culottes (if there's someone out there whatsoever?) and I think once you own a pair, you'll inevitably love them.

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One Of Those Days

Those 45 Celsius Degrees cannot stop me from wearing jeans, all right? Ok, that is not entirely true, but even though I was melting off in this outfit at 9 p.m. I have proudly pulled it off that evening. There are some days when I just don't feel like showing too much skin no matter the temperature and somehow out of all the possibilities it all comes back around jeans...and sneakers. 😁

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June Crush: Sunglasses

Something quite unforeseeable, I know. From the moment when it's starting to warm up,  sunglasses are the number one accessory that I suddenly can't live without. This month I have discovered that there are many other shapes (wow!) that suit my facial features as well as the cateye ones do. And even though I didn't include much of those other shapes in this post, because the cateye type is still my first love, I have recently purchased two peculiar pairs I plan on showing off soon.

I always felt like wearing sunglasses, no matter the shape, lenses or border, makes people look badass in some kind of way. Like they don't only block the sun rays, but other stuff too: hate, conversations, people...depends on how you wear them. However some sunnies became overworn in the past few years. For me it's more interesting to choose odd sunglasses as long as you look good and they get their job done, so down below I have found some particular cool pairs that are waiting to be checked out.

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5. HERE   6. HERE   7. HERE   8. HERE

Turned Loose

If someone would've told me 2 years ago that I was gonna choose culottes and wide leg pants over my precious skinny jeans, I would've surely laughed in their face. Well, as time went by, I found myself searching every store for loose and oversized clothing, especially bottoms, since for me this part makes the difference between feeling comfortable and wry.

These floral printed pants are my obsession at the moment and I really wish I'll find another similar pair to buy soon. They even have a chance to overcome my summer love for high waisted denim shorts, but we'll see about this...Writing these lines with a small headache and sunburnt skin (I love it when I make smart decisions, like spending half a day by the pool without sunscreen) makes me realize that I have an entire exam-free summer to play dress-up and see where fashion tastes take me... 😁

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Vanilla Light

I feel like my university has decided to mess up our first month of summer and postponed the exam session as long as it could. That would be the reason why I am drowning right now in hundreds of pages of work, while most of my friends are on the verge of moving onto more appealing, weather appropriate activities. And even though in the past few weeks I have discovered a whole new level of procrastination, somehow things today have been so productive that I could afford to award myself with a blogging break.

I took these pics last week in a gorgeous sunset light. They weren't exactly part of the plan, so you'll have to excuse my not so dressed up look and the wrinkles on my dress. I am not so skilled in the art of ironing whatsoever, but the item still looks pretty dainty. And yes, despite the fact that I am too tall to wear it that way, the garment was created to be worn as a dress. I love the material and the flowy pattern which is creating the illusion of ruffles. Feel free to use my coupon code Diana 576 for it and other items that you like on for orders over 50$.

Dress: HERE   Trousers: HERE   Sandals: HERE   Bag: HERE

Bow Me Dear

In between sneakers and hoodies, a part of me will always crave feminine, girlish, dainty garments. I think this is strongly related to my early childhood, when my mother used to dress me in pretty pink dresses and tie my hair up with big white ribbons. After I had earned the right to pick my own clothes I remember going through a 'pink detox' phase and having a crush on everything black and boylike. Looking back on that I think it is safe to say that my way of dressing today is pretty much explainable...

What is not very explainable whatsoever is my need to add tender touches to my looks lately, which is how I ended up picking this shirt. Its fabric is soft and the sleeve and back details are the main reason why I got it. It was a gift from and I will link it below as well as some other similar items to what I'm wearing for they have a wide range of cool products. Also, if you like what you see on their website, you can use my code Diana576 for dollars off orders over 50. 

I am ready for a summer full of bows, ruffles, and ribbons. 😋 😋

Shirt: HERE   Jeans: HERE  Sandals: HERE  Bag: HERE

May Crush: Denim Jackets

There is a high chance that leather jackets will never be missing from my wardrobe, but lately I have been obsessing over almost every denim one that I have seen in the stores. I found myself buying 3 of them in the past months and I'm hardly helping myself from purchasing another one, considering the fact that summer is just a few days away. Truth be told, it hasn't exactly been the hottest Spring I have ever lived (in my entire 18 years of existence...) and since I was finding leather jackets a little too much and blazers slightly not enough, denim seemed like the right choice for the weather outside.

Another reason why I fell in love with them is because the more oversized one is, the better you're going to look in it, which isn't exactly the case with leather jackets. Or at least not my case. This comparison has to stop here until I have to name this post 'Denim Jackets Vs. Leather Jackets'. I'll leave below some really cool pieces that I found so you should check them out and see if my theories are accurate.  😜

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