The thing with jumpsuits is that they're basically made for lazy people who are too damn passive to pick a top and some bottoms. Or that's just me. Either way, I can picture myself wearing them a lot in the near future, just hoping that it won't get to me like the backpack madness. Speaking of which, this cute little guy is the last one that I have to show off and I solemnly promise that I won't buy another backpack...in the next few months.

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Jumpsuit: HERE   Jacket: HERE   Sneakers: HERE

Backpack: HERE   Bandana: HERE


You know how everyone makes jokes about women and their addiction to bags/shoes? As I am growing up I tend to understand them better and better. No matter how many pairs of sneakers I own, there will always be a certain type missing. Bags are needless to mention. 

Lately, I have had a problem with mini-backpacks. I am still searching for the ideal one, the one that is stylish and small, but large enough to fit my basic stuff: purse, camera, phone. So recently, this weird mania got me buying 3 really similar backpacks in one week. None of them fully fits in the description above, but I got them anyway. Why? I have no rational answer for that. But look at this cute little one that I'm wearing...I just couldn't help it.

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Top:  HERE   Dress: HERE   Jeans: HERE   Jacket: HERE

Backpack: HERE   Sneakers: HERE

Black Interference

Never have I ever thought I'll find myself at the point where I'll be forcing the chill weather, but this rad bomber just had to be worn. Not to mention the backpack and the sunnies, but I'll get a lot more chances to overwear these two cuties.

I go crazy over items that can make you feel badass. I find these somewhere between girly, frilly, pink, flowerly stuff and basic, comfort zone-ish looks. A mesh top, a tiger on my back, a pair of patent boots...I still felt cool in these even though outside were like 25 Celsius degrees. One of my friends told me a while ago that he could surely identify which items I'd buy from a store because I have a pretty obvious style. I was like ' NOO, YOU CAN'T ', so he went ahead and left me speechless when he pointed out exactly what I would have and wouldn't have worn. I could only find that funny af since every time my dad feels overly loving and decides to buy me something to wear the gift ends up returned or given away...Mind sharing with him a few tips?

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Bomber: HERE   Backpack: HERE   Sunnies: HERE

Mesh Top: HERE   Jeans: HERE   Boots: HERE

March Crush: Floral Prints

Loved them before, love them now when they're in trend and will continue loving them even when they won't be. My tomboy side melts whenever a pretty garment with floral prints is in the way. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't dress myself up with these prints from head to toe, but some key items can surely transform an entire look. I found some really affordable, good-looking ones down below if you feel like mixing things up. After all, what better screams 'Spring' than flowers?

1. HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE   4. HERE   5. HERE   6. HERE

Pick A Side

There are clothes which we simply buy and bury them in the back of the closet until their time comes, and then, there are those garments that we patiently wish for, wait for, which makes buying them incredibly satisfying. I've waited for this hoodie from the day when The Weeknd's collaboration with H&M was announced to the moment when it actually dropped. Let's not focus on the crappy limited edition garments in the collection right now, there were a few worth the money... I had to buy the hoodie online because it was available exclusively there, so add another week to the delay. But ever since it finally came, I've been seeing it fitting in 90% of my outfits and hardly withhold from actually wearing it. This phase won't last, 'cause it happens with most of the new clothes that I buy, but I am convinced I'll still go for this hoodie over the other ones that I own in a few months from now. Isn't it weird how deeply we care for clothes after we link them emotionally?

And in case you wanted to, but couldn't get your hands on the cool products before they sold out, let me just say that some of The Weeknd's tour merch is available at Asos, here.

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Hoodie: HERE   Jeans: HERE   Tulle Skirt: HERE   Boots: HERE   Backpack: HERE   Cap: HERE


Lately my shopping behavior consists in picking up the oddest, not so basic stuff that I can find. Meaning that I probably wouldn't have thought of purchasing this gorgeous pair of embroidered boots a year ago, yet somehow I instantly knew they had to be mine when I came across them a few weeks ago. The same goes for the shirt and another bunch of garments I didn't even get the chance to show off. They say there's a time and a place for everything, so I'll just have to be patient for now...And, hopefully, start spending money more wisely.

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Coat: HERE   Shirt: HERE   Jeans: HERE   Boots: HERE   Bag: HERE

Bear With Me in Brussels

Now I'm gonna try and put this in the most unlikely way of sounding boastful, but I probably ate the best waffles in the world. Chocolate is needless to mention...And I proudly feel no remorse for a single bite. The only regret that I might be feeling is about my chocolate goodies, forgotten in the fridge of the apartment where we stayed.

The only thing that I knew about the City of Brussels when I decided to go on a trip there was that the European Parliament holds a place of work there and that Belgium has some of the best chocolate out there — pretty foreseeable. I wanted to visit Rome ahead of it, but one of my friends had already been there so Brussels was the next option due to the similar plane ticket price. After three (rainy) days there, I can only say that I was blown-away by how beautiful that place can be and happy that I postponed Italy for a while. For an unknowing person like me, the architecture was strikingly similar (in particular places) to what I saw in the UK and in Austria, and completely different to anything else. But the streets, the people, the waffles, the cafés, the boutiques...Even McDonald's looked posh af in those gorgeous buildings. I really hope I'll go back there one day and maybe see the city during the warm season. Or just be there on a sunny day, because the weather that I got was really trouble for my plans and my hair.

I'll let the pictures speak more for myself. Bottom line, I'd say you won't regret visiting this city. If you won't love it, you'll at least enjoy the waffles and the frites. ❤

Maybe Monday

A week ago I put real life on hold to visit Brussels. The fact that I decided to take a city break right at the beginning of the new semester seemed like the right decision to make, after all, who doesn't want an extended vacay? Once I got back, my getaway friends and I were the only lunatic ones who had no idea what planet they're on and missed the most important stuff from the lectures. And I still have no idea which subjects I'm on, dropped my phone in the water this morning, haven't slept 7 hours in a night since forever, and I could go on like this for a while...

Well, at least all it took was a quick vacation for the weather to finally allow me to lose the 8 layers of clothing and put on less. Now it already looks and feels like Spring, so you'll start seeing sunglasses, again, very often in my outfits. 😁

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Jacket: HERE

Jumper:  HERE

Jeans: HERE

Sneakers: HERE


Bag Madness

Even though the monthly crush has already been shared, this post comes much more as a suggestion. You know that moment when you find something so good that you just have to spread the word out there? Well, this is my way of saying that I found some badass bags and backpacks and there's a lot more where they came from. Follow the links down below if you wanna find out where to shop for these beauties.

1. HERE  2. HERE  3. HERE  4. HERE  5. HERE

February Crush: Army Clothing

Off to the army! Just kidding, but I am feeling kinda badass wearing this army trend. I don't know why it didn't hit me until recently, but I'm into military all the way now. This style is somehow empowering and I feel like it gives the effortless touch I usually look for in an outfit. You can't quite go wrong with it, so SHOP, SHOP, SHOP! 😋

1. HERE  2. HERE  3. HERE  4. HERE  5. HERE  6. HERE